Best focus pointer for DSLR photography

best focus pointer for DSLR photography

Most of the time we get confused about what should be the best focus pointer for DSLR photography – single or multiple focus pointer according to our subject.  And in this confusion, we differentiate the aperture setting, DOF, light, etc. At the end of the day, we come back always with an indistinct image. This leads to the depression that my gear is not good to move on to the higher range camera and then our hands go to the pocket and we stop.  Most of us give up photography in this situation. Photography is the most effective visual art which can hold time. And it is damn true that a DSLR is worse than mobile to take photos if you can’t gear it up to the level in the setting.

best focus pointer for DSLR photography

DSLR photos or the camera settings are like the packets of cheese. There are five or ten cheese slices arranged in a sequence of top to bottom. You can access each cheese according to your need. But on the other hand, a mobile photo is like a piece of butter. You could crop it only. So, if you mess up with each slice of cheese it will be like a bar of butter but not the butter-like taste.

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Don’t worry. After huge research and more than eight years of experience, Technibas guides you to the best focusing point for the DSLR user at the beginner level. As mentioned, in a DSLR we can set each of the settings differently. Here comes a solid question. What would be the ratio to set all those? After all these settings the DSLR camera will talk to you at your fingertips and give you the best result.

Choosing the focus point is the most technical issue in photography. Let it be in film or digital-based. Then how or why we should choose the correct focus point. Let’s talk about the camera. Nowadays cameras come with multiple focus pointers like 11, 51, and more than that focus pointer but it works or not.

best focus pointer for DSLR photography

Before starting the discussion on this, we should know the lens or the lens system. Remember, our camera lens is a lens system where so many lenses are fixed in a single focal length. Now, what is the focal length? The focal length is the distance where all the beams of light meet in a single point as the light goes in a straight line. This point is called the focal point and the distance is called the focal length.

You can easily find this system at your home. Take a magnifying glass, keep it under sunlight. Try to make a point on a black paper. You could find that at a certain distance the point of light is smaller. Then the black paper starts burning. That is the focus pointer and the distance is focal distance. With the lens system, we can increase or decrease the focal distance with various lenses. But it is not possible that the lens system will provide you with multiple focus pointers. It works under a single focus point.

Now come to the camera body and lenses. Whenever you buy a camera and the kit, the lens company tells you about the multiple focus points. After that when you buy a single lens, the company will not tell you about the multiple focus points. They will say about the focus system – AF-S, AF-C, and ED, VR, IF, etc. But if you buy a camera body separately, then they will tell you about the multiple focus points. Hence if the camera body is our brain and the lens is our eyes then how our brain can focus or see an object without eyes. It is my simple question, no more discussion on this.

If you ask me, I would like to recommend you use the single focus point and in that setting please choose point focus rather than a wide single pointer focus. Still, you could ask me why? The camera body as I said it’s like the human brain, very intelligent. It measures the main focus distance and contrast area of the close surroundings and makes an average focus distance of that particular subject. So, you don’t get the sharpest image rather an average focused image. But if you put a single point focus on your subject and make focus on that you would get the sharpest image and surroundings. You can adjust the DOF with the aperture setting.

best focus pointer for DSLR photography

Every part of focus you could adjust through the setting of an aperture. As I have told in previous blogs, I always mention this. Because I have seen so many beginners believe in adjusting everything through editing using various software. But, believe me, if you have a blurred photo you could not adjust the sharpness of the subject using thousands of software. You should know your camera like a pet, understand it, it will hear all of you. Measure the subject’s depth and adjust the aperture. If you want the whole frame focus then increase the aperture. You would get the same but don’t compromise with the sharpness of the image

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