Real-world problems which lead to disenfranchisement, and movements like BLM

Real-world problems which lead to disenfranchisement, and movements like BLM

In a monetary system, downtrodden people don’t matter, it’s just inconvenient that automation is not upto the mark, and hence they are needed. The monetary system is what creates indebtedness, it’s what creates scarcity, leads to proper solutions becoming unfeasible, planned obsolence etc. In a monetary system, no government can make your life matter, if you are a downtrodden person, what we need is a resource-based economy. 

The current monetary system does not account for the money generated by interest, we keep on printing new money to account for that, devaluing existing money, people always retire with money that is worth less. The gold standard being dropped means the government cannot give you gold of the same value if you return your money to the government, and they just have to keep printing new money to account for interest, generated by transfer of money, it’s not just inflation rate. Germany after world war one, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, now Lebanon, have all suffered from hyper inflation in the current monetary system, money getting devalued or people losing trust in money now seems inevitable.

People equate currency, the monetary system and their central bank with nationalism and national pride. And people also forget that pride is a sin, be it national pride or pride of religion and heritage, countries with national/religious pride do suffer because of it in the long run, countries with less national pride do well (Switzerland, Singapore), they get to focus on solving real world problems. Wars are generally caused by national pride or religious pride. Now soldiers can focus on defending the nation, that should inspire us to focus on being good to each other and solve our problems, so they in turn get to find happiness and solace in the fact that they are fighting for righteousness and good people. Animals focus on efficiency, they try to be good at one thing and live by it, humans focus on solving problems, because once a problem is solved, we no longer need efficiency. We should focus on solving our problems and moving ahead.

It’s not about economics, it’s about the system. The vulnerable people are oppressed and harmed, in a systematic manner. It is done using a debt based system which is inbuilt. These are all man made systems, systems that are heading towards huge fiscal deficits and hyper inflation for all countries, systems that are forcing people into jobs they don’t like, for money they shouldn’t need . It’s about the system which currently exists, which isolates and divides us. Encouraging sociopaths and sociopathic behaviour in society, in some cases by rewarding it. If you are ok with any person suffering (especially those who are in awful situations) anywhere in the world, you are a bigot. Only exception is that you are allowed to discriminate against bigots, psychopaths and sociopaths.

Moreover people believe whatever they want, i do understand freedom of thought, but this behaviour leads to religious people ending up with more rights, they even get the right to disturb and invade the privacy of others. We have to remember that we trust our senses not because they reflect reality, but because of their continued reliability of producing effective results, and just because you cannot prove something wrong doesn’t make it right, that is called last thursdayism. A person can claim the world was created last thursday, and there would be no way to prove him wrong. As the person stating it can claim that everything was created in a way to make it seem as if everything is older, your memories were implanted etc. There is a difference between possibility and probability, is it possible you find one billion dollars on the street, sure, is that probable, no.

You cannot have a resource based economy, without everybody’s contribution, we will have to get rid of sociopaths and sociopathy.

Bears will kill you if you pity them and drop eye contact, or turn your back to them, it gives them the confidence to attack, they live by that confidence, just like sociopaths live by the confidence that they can get the better of us, they do not have remorse, and are hence unworthy of forgiveness. And we try to face them with the confidence we have in our so called destiny, and try to be human to them, and this often backfires. The world is dangerous not because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything. The vulnerable are being harmed, and we need systemic solutions to stop that from happening.


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