Best 6 Linux distros – 2020 Edition

Best Linux distros 2020 Edition

Are you looking for the best Linux distros 2020 Edition for your PC or laptop? There are numerous in existence out there in the market. They offer a wide variety of features. So, it’s not so easy to choose the best flavour of Linux for personal computing. For beginners, it’s quite intimidating to choose the best clinic system. Being open-source, Linux has a large community base. And it extensively works on different distributions.

Therefore, I’m going to discuss the best 6 Linux distros – 2020. They are more intuitive, refined, and give a stunningly beautiful desktop experience of the Linux operating system. Most importantly, you can use all these operating systems for personal computing, multimedia consumption, and programming. 

Feren OS

Firstly, on the top list of Best Linux distros 2020 Edition, we’re having Feren OS. It is a polished and well-stocked Linux distro. That comes close to being an ideal replacement for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. This impressive Linux OS is a very attractive replacement for any Linux distro.

Feren OS is a great-looking Linux distro that’s ideal for people switching from Windows to Linux. Moreover, it gives you a desktop designed to be unique but familiar by default no matter what major operating system you come from. Feren OS has a great look to get you started with. In other words, you can get working right away on your daily tasks in a familiar environment. Feren OS is made by British developers. Moreover, it is based on the latest Ubuntu – LTS and uses a KDE plasma desktop environment with major tweaks. It provides stunning visual graphics that no other Linux distro does offer in the industry. Likewise, every element of the user interface is incredibly amazing. Thanks to Feren developers, they have taken KDE plasma to the next level by adding ready-made skins, themes, styles, desktop layouts and more.


Secondly, we are having Solus. Solus is a brand new Linux distribution. It uses the latest generic Linux kernel 5.4. It is an independent Linux distro. Solus doesn’t rely on any Debian, Arch or Red Hat. Solus 4.1 is currently the latest release from the team. Subsequently, that delivers a brand-new desktop experience, updated Sophos tags and better hardware support.

Solus comes in different flavors like budgie, gnome, mate and KDE plasma. The budgie desktop is the default environment of Solus derived from gnome stacks. It gives the level of comfort that will help in customizing the user interface according to your fancy. Subsequently, inside the app drawer it provides an option to tweak the user interface using budgie desktop settings. The setting allows you to customize the appearance of widgets, icons, animations, and more. Application has the latest version of the free level Office Suite. You can work on your documents, spreadsheets and presentations right away. For developers, with Solus you can spend less time setting up tooling and more time coding. But also it has a wide variety of editors programming language, compilers and version control systems. The built-in package manager ‘eopkg’ lets you easily install or uninstall any package you want at any time.

Endeavour OS

At number three we are having Endeavour OS. It is based on Arch Linux that is available for free. Endeavour OS is a terminal centric Linux distro. It doesn’t offer a graphical user interface out of the box. Endeavour team has created an installer that will let you install any type of desktop environment during the installation procedure. You can choose your favorite desktop environments like XFCE, KDE plasma, Deepin and more. The installer is designed beautifully and works both offline and online. Since Endeavor OS uses pac-man, installing and updating packages are very simple via terminal. The latest edition of endeavor OS sports a kernel fighter 6. It brings many hardware support to the board. Overall it’s one of the coolest arch based linux distro which you should start using for personal computing.

Pop OS 20.04

At number four we are having Pop OS 20.04. Pop OS 2020 is developed by system76 which is based on Linux Ubuntu 20.04. It offers minimal features and most importantly it’s a minimal Linux distro. Most importantly, it focuses on what’s important to run the desktop very smoothly.

Pop OS is based on Ubuntu 20.04 with better optimizations made to the gnome desktop environment. That indeed feels more fluid and provides a rock-solid experience. System76 has the freedom to tweak the Pop OS to serve customers in a better way. Overall I would say POP OS is the fastest linux distro which I have ever used. Unlike Ubuntu, Pop OS feels much more responsive. The latest edition of Pop OS 20.04 comes with a bunch of new features. Which include the auto tiling, workspaces and more. If you’re a software developer or beginner to programming who wants to write some code then I would recommend Pop OS without thinking of any.


At number five we’re having Manjaro Linux. Manjaro is an open source Linux distribution based on Arch Linux providing all the benefits of cutting-edge software. Like proprietary operating systems you have full control over your hardware without restrictions. This makes it ideal for users who want to learn how linux works and how it is different from other operating systems. It is also best suited for beginners who want to try out the Linux for the first time.

One of the interesting things about Manjaro is that there are thousands of software applications available in the software center. It includes a fully equivalent popular Windows software such as MS Office. Manjaro is available in different flavors for the desktop. You can choose XFCE, gnome and KDE plasma. My recommendation would be a KDE plasma which helps in customizing the desktop according to your fancy. Overall I would say Manjaro is a unique arch dependent Linux distro. To sum up, it is completely user friendly from beginners to pro users. As a result, anyone can use it without the need of getting confused.


Similarly, last but not least of the best Linux distros 2020 Edition, we’re having the most popular Linux Distro Ubuntu. Ubuntu is based on Debian Linux that provides a minimal user interface. It is the most friendly Linux distro for every consumer. Students, beginners, computer science students, software professionals everyone rely on this distro.

Ubuntu is available in different flavors of the desktop environment. Canonical ships Ubuntu with the latest gnome environment which is fast and reliable. Above all, it’s very minimal and easy to operate. Ubuntu is more centric in providing the super comfortable desktop experience to the end-user. Thanks to its wide range of support across the community and the developers are working so hard to make it more useful and productive. In short, there are so many open-source packages that are available for free and can be downloaded very easily. Once you install Ubuntu LTS release on your PC or laptop you will be supported for up to 5 years. This is the ultimate power of Linux and it’s absolutely available for free.


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