Data Science, Cyber Security amongTop 10 Tech Courses to Learn in 2023

2023 has just kicked its journey with a bang and we want that this year brings some hope and new lights to people’s lives after a long cumbersome time we faced with the pandemic. But hopes are not everything to bring new light to your life, and for that, you must upskill yourself each second, each minute, and each hour of your life, because “God Help Those who help themselves”. And to help you with that you must check out the top ten tech courses to ace in 2023. Technology is upgrading day after day and you must be upgrading yourself each day. Read the blog to choose the best course which suits you.

Without further wasting any time, let’s jump directly into these courses and see how they can be useful for you.

10. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: It is the time of Gen Z, and we love to do everything digitally. Isn’t it? Yes, and there is a limit up to which you can use the digital world. But you can not feel it, and that is where AR and VR come in. AR and VR are the next big thing and Meta (previously known as Facebook) has already taken a huge leap in that. There are so many companies who are entering or already entered into the space and they are hunting for skilled AR and VR developers and engineers, with the highest salary of over INR 16.8 Lakhs. Who knows, you can build the next metaverse. To know more about AR and VR click here.

9. DevOps Engineer: You might feel what the DevOps engineer is. As it is a new field and modern-day industries are in a hurry to hire DevOps engineers. With an annual CTC of over 12 Lakhs, it makes it a lucrative field. But what do DevOps engineers do? Well, they are the chief coordinator of the software life cycle, from coding, and DSA, to maintaining updates and security. Industries are now software-driven and to make it even more smooth, they need DevOps engineers. To know more about DevOps click here.

8. UI/UX design: Okay it is a little away from technology as it is more on the creative side and if you have a design mindset or can attract people with your illustrations, then it is specifically for you. So a UI/UX designer usually makes sure when a user comes to your website or uses your software, they get the best experience overall. A UI/UX engineer today earns more than 13.6 LPA in some big organizations. To know more about UI/UX design click here.

7. Web Development: Have you watched how the websites of big companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Flipkart are so smooth even after handling so many customers? Well, It is due to the skilled web developer behind the scenes. Web Development is a technical version of UI/UX design, and mainly has three components, which are, Frontend, Backend, and Full Stack. Frontend developers are working more on how the website works and looks to the user, while Backend is more prone to work with the database, security, queries, etc. Full Stack developers are mixtures of both. To know more about Web Development click here.

6. RPA or Robotic Process Automation: Robotic Process Automation or in short, RPA is the future. Every manufacturing business or inventory, basically every business today asks for automation to save time, and it’s where RPA works. It involves software to ease work and it combines hardware and software. An RPA developer earns on average, 5.0 LPA. Although it might seem lower than previous ones, it has a lot of potential in the future. To know more about RPA click here.Now come to the top 5 tech skills you must master in 2023 to be a job-ready and skilled person.

Now come to the top 5 tech skills you must master in 2023 to be a job-ready and skilled person.

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5. Cloud Computing: You might have used Google Photos, Google Drive, or Google Web Apps in your workplace or at home. But do you know that all these things are run on Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is one of the major assets today for any organization. Organizations use Cloud Computing to manage their databases, CRM, etc. Some examples are AWS, Google Cloud services, etc. If you can furnish your skill in this can fetch you a salary of up to Cloud Computing, click here.

4. AI/ML Engineer: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to take over the future. All organizations are today looking at Artificial Intelligence to manage their inventory, sales, CRM, databases, etc. AI/ML is a part of Data Science. When you feed a computer with huge data then the system is smart enough to distinguish and do work on its own. A recent example is ChatGPT, which is taking over the world like a storm. AI/ML average salary can go up to 17 LPA.

3. Network Engineer: Without the Internet, the World will be halted. The Internet is everywhere, but when it comes to an organizational level, then the responsibility is more. Very few people know about this thing. As network Engineers, their responsibility is to maintain servers, security, networking, firewall, etc. Most companies look for a skilled Network engineer today and a skilled Network Engineer can earn up to 7.3 LPA. For more information on Network Engineer click here.

2. Cyber Security: Cyber Security experts are like the police of the internet. Without it, the Internet can be very dangerous for a person or an organization, especially in the banking and finance sectors. A good CyberSecurity expert can earn anywhere between 15-17 LPA. As a professional, you must master the skills of Cyber Securities, hacking, Network Security Controls, etc. To know more about Cyber security click here.

1.Data Science: It is the big fish of the sea. A skilled Data Scientist is very rare to find. The world is data-driven today and every industry is data-driven. The more people use the internet, the more data footprints will be there. To analyze these big sets of data and to make them useful for an organization you must skill in data science. Data Science is a big domain itself, in which there are data analysts, business analysts, database management, data engineer, big data engineer, etc. A skilled Data Scientist can earn up to 21 LPA per year. To know more about Data Science click here.

When you hear the term, ‘Tech’ you might be hesitant that it is only for STEM students, but it is not something like that, even if you come from a nontech background, such as humanities, commerce, or event management background people can also pursue it. The even crazier thing is that these courses can be successfully done if you are a student or if you are a professional.

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