Top 10 most useful Chrome extension

1. Chrome Remote desktop

In number one of the top 10 most useful Chrome extensions list is chrome remote desktop. This extension is officially provided by Google. With the help of this extension, you can cast and remotely access the entire desktop screen with your phone via wired or wireless mode. This Extension is most useful for parents to monitor their children who use computers.

most useful Chrome extensions

You can use this extension in few steps

Add Chrome Remote Desktop extension to your Chrome browser.

The extension will be added.

You can find it near search bar or in the extensions list. 

Login with your Gmail Id in Chrome Remote Desktop (you should login with same id in your phone and computer). 

Now set up the One pin for access.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop application in your phone. 

Insert a pin in Chrome Remote Desktop app which one you have created.

2. Site Blocker

Site Blocker is a productivity tool that denies access to websites permanently or as per schedule. It closes waste websites for yourself or protects your children from nasty content. Use the net safely on blocking all websites from unwanted categories.

You can block websites by category or by words or by URL of the website. Once you block websites and if you want to block in a specific day or time than you can schedule websites.

most useful Chrome extensions

You can enable it in few steps

Add  Site Blocker extension in your Chrome browser.

Open Site Blocker and put the link of that website that you want to block.

3. Smallpdf – Edit, Compress, and Convert PDF

Smallpdf – Edit, Compress, and Convert PDF extension is very useful for office workers and students. With the help of it, you can edit PDF, compress PDF, convert PDF into word/ excel/ PPT, and from word/ excel/ PPT to PDF and there are many more features in this extension. Easy-to-use PDF tools to Edit, Convert, Merge, Split, and Compress PDF files. Integrated with Gmail. Convert, compress, merge, split, and edit your PDF files.

most useful Chrome extensions


Power-up your productivity by adding Smallpdf to Chrome! Gain instant access to a suite of useful tools to work with PDFs online.

PDF Tools and PDF Converters:

PDF to Word, Excel, PPT

Word, Excel, PPT to PDF

Convert images to and from PDF

Reduce the size of your PDF

Merge, Split and Extract PDF Pages

Edit PDF

Rotate and Delete PDF Pages

Sign and Send PDFs for Signature

Protect and Unlock PDF

4.  Password Checkup extension

It’s one more useful Chrome extensions by Google. The Password Checkup extension helps you to secure accounts that are affected by data breaches.

Wherever you sign-in, if you enter a username and password that is no longer safe due to appearing in a data breach known to Google, you’ll receive an alert. Please reset your password. If you use the same username and password for any other accounts, please reset your password there as well.

most useful Chrome extensions

Password Checkup is built with privacy in mind. It never reports any identifying information about your accounts, passwords, or devices. We do report anonymous information about the number of look-ups that surfaces an unsafe credential, whether an alert leads to a password change and the domain involved for improving site coverage. You can learn more about how Password Checkup works at

5.  Password Alert

Password Alert extension is provided by Google to protect your account from phishing sites. If you enter your Gmail or Google for Work password into anywhere other than, you’ll receive an alert, so you can change your password if needed.

most useful Chrome extensions

6.  Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder is a useful extension to take a screenshot of a chrome tab or take a screenshot of an entire window. In Nimbus, you can also record your desktop screen.

Capture the entire web page, or a specific section of it                   
Supports scrolling when capturing screenshots from web pages
Capture the entire browser window
Capture a screenshot of another program
Quickly capture a section of the webpage
On a blank canvas, create your own simple drawing or model
You can add your own watermark on the screenshot (Premium)
Record videos and share screencasts
video recording from your screen to make a screencast
Record video of another active program or a webcam
Add your own watermark on the video (Premium)
Customize the video screen resolution and frame rate
Annotate the video with various shapes, including arrows and rectangles
Convert from WebM to MP4 and GIF (Premium)
Crop your video (Premium)
Trim your video (Premium)
Upload the screencast either to Nimbus Note or save to your disk
Publish screencasts on Youtube (Premium)
Upload videos to Google Drive, and Dropbox (Premium)

most useful Chrome extensions

Edit your screenshots
Add graphics and text boxes to your screenshot
Resize and crop
Add arrows and stickers
Highlight text
Blur certain sections to hide sensitive information
Add watermarks (premium)

7.  Nod-Reaction for Google meet

In current situation we all are working/ studying from home via Google meet, Zoom , Jio meet, etc. But Google meet is used more than Jio meet and Zoom. When there are lots of people in a meeting and you want to tell or ask something to the host or other participants  but you feel uncomfortable to tell or ask something at that time you can use these reactions. There are several types of reactions like Raise hand, Applaud, Like, Laughter,  etc.

most useful Chrome extensions

Activate Nod in few steps : 

Add Nod – Reaction for Google meet extension in Chrome browser.
Start meeting in Google meet and use it.

8.  Save to Google  drive

Save to Google drive extension is provided by Google to instantly save your visited web pages in your Google drive within a minute. When the page is saved successfully it will make PDF of that page.

Save to Google  drive

9.  Turn off the lights

When you watch YouTube on your desktop at that time this extension will give you an experience as if you are in a cinema hall. With this useful extension, the entire page will be fading to dark. With a single click on the lamp button, the page will fade to dark will automatically let you focus on the video. By clicking on it again, the page will return to normal. This extension works with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, Metacafe, YouKu, etc. This extension is also compatible with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon, and Yandex web browsers.

most useful Chrome extensions

10.  Google translate

Google translate extension will help you to translate the word/ sentence and give you the meaning of that word/ sentence. This extension also automatically detects if the language of a page you’re on is different from the language you’re using for your Google Chrome interface. If it is, a banner appears at the top of the page. Click the Translate button in the banner to have all the text on the page appear in the new language.

Google translate

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